Thermoregulation fever.

Thermoregulation fever.

The range of immunological reactions in cold-blooded animals is much narrower than in warm-blooded animals. On this basis, it can be concluded that fever is a more important protective mechanism for cold-blooded people. Cold-blooded animals with or without fever usually live in a temperature range that is considered hypothermic in mammals. Therefore, the data obtained in the study of reptiles and amphibians are less applicable to humans than information obtained on laboratory animals such as mice or rats.

There is no doubt that the febrile patient wants to go to bed and rest. Even the most mobile children become lethargic and apathetic at a temperature of 40 ° C. However, it is not clear whether this forced rest has any significant effect on the course of the disease or recovery. The fact that malaise and immobility are caused by the fever itself, and not just the main disease, is confirmed by many observations: the child becomes more cheerful and his condition improves with a decrease in temperature after taking acetylsalicylic acid, paracetamol or after wet rubdowns. Treating a fever can make diagnosis difficult.

Fever is often the first and often the only symptom of the disease in children. Improper use of antipyretic drugs can mask high and persistent fever, its recurrence, temperature height, and the nature of the temperature curve (remittent, intermittent, permanent, or recurrent). Information potentially relevant to diagnosis can be lost. It should, however, be noted that with reasonable use of antipyretic drugs this does not occur.

For example, in most cases of fever of unknown origin in children, the type of feverish curve has no diagnostic value. If it is indicated that antipyretic drugs are prescribed at temperatures above 38.9–39.4 ° C, it is unlikely that important information was missed.

The danger of distorting the clinical picture in the symptomatic treatment of fever is greater when the patient is not examined, the doctor prescribed the drug without seeing the child, or when the medicine is used at the discretion of the parents

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