The benefits of high fever (fever) in increasing survival during infection

The benefits of high fever (fever) in increasing survival during infection

Studying rats infected with Pasteurella multocida, Vaughn and Kluger found that with a moderate increase in body temperature, their survival rate increases. With an increase in body temperature of 2.5 ° C from the initial level (equivalent to a body temperature of 39.2–39.4 ° C), they noted a statistically significant correlation between the magnitude of fever and survival.

With fever with a rise in body temperature of more than 2.5 ° C, mortality increased. This suggests that maximum survival is associated with an optimal level of fever. The authors emphasized that they showed only a correlation, but did not investigate a causal relationship.

In experiments conducted on cold-blooded animals, some effect of fever on survival was also found. As noted, poikilothermic animals develop a fever with infections. But it does not appear as a result of an increase in metabolic activity or a decrease in heat transfer, but when the animal is moved, if possible, to a warmer place.

The development of a fever in such an animal can be prevented if it is not allowed to take shelter in a warmer place. Thus, it is possible to study the fever without the undesirable influence of antipyretic drugs.

Covert showed that the survival of goldfish infected with bacteria (fish are cold-blooded creatures) is directly dependent on their body temperature. Infected fish usually choose water, the temperature of which is 2.2-3.3 ° C higher than the normal temperature of their body (28 ° C). At a water temperature of 28 ° C, more fish are killed than at a water temperature of 31 ° C.

When studying lizards infected with Aeromonas hydrophila, Bernheim noted that the prevention of fever by creating obstacles to the movement of animals to environments with higher temperatures contributes to a significant increase in mortality.

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