Teething as a cause of fever in a child – fever

Teething as a cause of fever in a child – fever

No discussion of the causes of fever in children can be complete without mentioning the issue of teething. In a survey of primary pediatricians, 18 out of 64 respondents (28%) expressed the opinion that teething can cause a rise in temperature in some cases to 39.4 ° C. In fact, there is little convincing evidence of such an influence.

In 1977, Illingworth published a review of world literature, in which he could not find any data confirming the causal relationship of teething with fever.

However, this author found two works, one in 1969 and the other in 1978, indicating that the eruption of milk teeth may be accompanied by some increase in body temperature.

In a double-blind, apparently well-controlled study, Galili revealed a statistically significant correlation between the rise in body temperature above 37.5 ° C and the eruption of teeth. Although the method of statistical processing (chi-square) used is considered reliable, however, the author did not cite the average or magnitude of the temperature increase and therefore it is impossible to answer the question whether the temperature increase observed by him had clinical significance.

In an uncontrolled, mostly retrospective study using unreliable treatment methods conducted in 1978, the relationship between teething and fever was noted. In two (controlled, prospective studies, teething was associated with anxiety, irritability, and drooling, but not with fever.

Of course, we cannot exclude the fact that teething, causing irritation of the gums (inflammation), anxiety (increased muscle tone) and refusal to eat (dehydration), can lead to an increase in body temperature, but the doctor should not explain the fever by teething until until he tries to find out other possible reasons.

In this sense, neither the doctor nor the parents should be complacent and they should continue to monitor the child, assessing his condition and waiting to find out the true cause of the fever.

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