And it all started in 1897, when there was an exacerbation of rheumatism in the father of the German pharmacist Felix Hoffmann , who worked at the Bayer firm. He tried to alleviate the old man’s suffering with a wide variety of medicines. Joint pain was relieved by salicylic acid. But she caused stomach bleeding. And then Goffman decided to “hide” the acid in another substance that would drag it through the stomach into the intestines, be absorbed into the bloodstream, and then release the drug in diseased organs. That was the idea. How it was realized, we begin to understand only now. But a hundred years ago, Goffman was celebrating a victory. The acetylsalicylic acid he created reduced the side effects of the drug – his father began to take it and felt relief. The owners of the firm became interested in this case and allocated money for research of the novelty. It turned out that it has a whole bunch of antipyretic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory antirheumatic, and so on effects . Unsurprisingly, aspirin (the so-called symptom-fighting record holder) began its triumphant march across the planet. Scientists all over the world began to study its structure and properties, happily informing each other about their discoveries, which became more and more every year. For example, in the Russian journal “Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology” in recent years, almost one third of articles are devoted to aspirin. The main conclusion made by aspirin science is that it is necessary to fight for the purity of the drug. So that as much salicylic acid as possible is in bound form, and in free – no more than 0.3 percent. Like, then its harmful effects will be minimal. This “pure” aspirin can be made in Western countries. And the Russian is considered “dirty”: it contains more than 0.3 percent salicylic acid. It is inferior in other parameters as well. Therefore, our aspirin does not stand up to competition, and the Russian media are avidly advertising Western goods. Say, we now have the happiness of drinking the purest, most effervescent, well, simply stunning aspirin … But is it really that good? This seditious question was unexpectedly raised in one of the medical universities in Moscow. Here, scientists did not succumb to the global aspirin hypnosis, which rushes almost from all newspapers, radios and televisions. These researchers tried to understand the main reason for the physicochemical activity of aspirin. And they made amazing discoveries that will surely be of interest to lovers of the “medicine of the century”.


First, we sifted through a huge amount of scientific literature, says the head of the research group, candidate of biological sciences Yuri Mikhailovich Petrenko, and we were surprised to find that the world’s best aspirin experts still do not know why it causes known effects. Scientists only suggest that it is not aspirin itself that heals, but salicylic acid, which is formed during its breakdown. But the mechanism of its action is unknown. Consider this fact: humanity has swallowed thousands of tons of aspirin without knowing what it is doing. And we decided to eliminate this dangerous misunderstanding. Scientists have created artificial environments similar to those found in the human body aspirin: in the stomach, duodenum, blood, and so on. And they began to simulate the processes that occur with the drug. The experiments have produced stunning results. It turned out that aspirin begins to decompose as soon as it enters the human body. Already in the stomach, the content of free salicylic acid can become much more than 0.3 percent, which the world pharmacology calls for. And in the duodenum … up to 10 percent of this acid can be released. Therefore, it is pointless to fight for the exemplary “purity” of aspirin if it becomes so “dirty” in the gastrointestinal tract. It turns out that Western drugs have no advantages over Russian ones: they cause the same side effects. The benefits of pure aspirin can be bluff. Having spent huge amounts of money on cleaning, humanity begins to understand the harm of this venture. So, Russian aspirin may not be more harmful than foreign one. But how useful are they? Simulation gave a very unexpected answer to this question.


Experiments have shown that when interacting with certain chemical elements, salicylic can form extremely aggressive substances in the human body – the so-called radicals. They damage everything that surrounds them. Therefore, salicylic acid destroys not only pathogenic, but also beneficial microbes. Moreover, it destroys human cells. For example, corroding the mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum, it burns their walls – as a result, ulcers are formed. “Incredible,” I said to Yuri Mikhailovich, “how has world medicine not guessed about this until now? After all, over a century, scientists should have learned how aspirin works. – The discovery of such facts is not an easy task. And not everyone succeeds in it. But sooner or later, the truth is revealed to everyone. And it’s better to get to know her earlier. After all, frivolous handling of the “medicine of the century” can bring terrible harm to the health of billions of people, undermine the gene pool of mankind. Probably, the scientist is right: the sooner we know the diagnosis, the more chances of recovery. And the craze for aspirin has turned into a kind of disease of civilization. Millions of people are not afraid to swallow it almost every day. And they must finally find out what they are playing with. It turns out that they are playing with fire – in the literal sense of the word. The research of the Petrenko group showed that when radicals interact with other substances, real sparks are formed, only very small ones, indistinguishable to the eye. But they are made visible by a special device – a chemiluminometer . For a human cell, such a “spark” is like a fire in which you can burn alive. It turns out that by swallowing aspirin, we inflame a fire in ourselves … Of course, not all cells die in it, otherwise we would turn into a heap of embers. But those who survived in the fire of radicals are no longer similar to human cells: these are the very “mutants” from which cancerous tumors can form. – Probably, special conditions are needed for the formation of radicals? – I asked the scientist hopefully. “Alas,” he replied, “these are common conditions that occur very often. It is enough for salicylic acid to interact with iron … – Excuse me, – I perked up again, – but we do not eat iron – where does it come from? – In order for salicylic acid to start generating radicals, a scanty amount of iron is enough, which is found in almost all food products and in all cells of our body. But this means that they can be damaged by radicals that are formed when salicylic acid interacts with iron. – It turns out that we are all, in the literal sense of the word, iron people who are contraindicated aspirin? – Iron – yes. But aspirin sometimes saves our lives. Therefore, it should not be canceled, but correctly applied – if absolutely necessary.

Misunderstood LEADERS

Most of all, aspirin does not injure the stomach, but the duodenum. But, it would seem, it should be the other way around: after all, the stomach is the first to meet the medicine and takes the brunt of it. Petrenko’s experiments explain this paradox: in the duodenum from aspirin, ten times more salicylic acid can be released than in the stomach. There may be enough iron for the formation of destructive radicals both here and there. But doctors seem to deliberately intensify the destructive effect of radicals. So, the French company “UPSA” has overstocked the whole world with aspirin with ascorbic acid. The German company “Bayer” offers similar products. They assure us that a universal vitamin that increases the vitality of the body, combined with a universal medicine, provides maximum health benefits. And Petrenko’s research gave the opposite result: ascorbate sharply enhances radical formation when salicylic acid interacts with iron. In the presence of these three substances, the process proceeds violently. And such a mixture is sold by firms that call themselves world leaders in the manufacture, sale and understanding of aspirin. – Are these “leaders” deliberately ruining the health of millions of people? I asked Petrenko bluntly. “It’s hard to imagine such villainy,” he replied. – I think most of the employees of these companies do not know what they are doing. They naively believe that salicylic acid “hidden” in “pure” aspirin gets directly into the diseased organs and only there is released. But in fact, it can create a radical-generating system already in the gastrointestinal tract. Upon learning of this and checking the results of our research, UPSA and Bayer should stop producing all forms of aspirin with ascorbate . After all, these very pure and effervescent drugs can have mutagenic and oncogenic effects. The problem is that many doctors seem to deliberately offer patients something similar – they prescribe aspirin with ascorbate . And we ourselves often swallow one with the other. Or, taking aspirin, we lean on fruits, which are high in ascorbate , and buckwheat porridge, rich in iron. This was hammered into our heads by medical scientists. As they say, grief is from the mind.


Each scientific “theory” can be contrasted with another that seems no less plausible. So, in some scientific works, the unconditional benefits of aspirin in combination with ascorbic acid are proved, and Petrenko’s group writes articles about the dangers of such a combination. And our researchers refer to the facts obtained by other scientists. For example, it is known from scientific literature that under normal conditions, ascorbate first enters the leukocytes, and they transport it throughout the body. But if a person drinks aspirin, then the flow of ascorbate into leukocytes is completely blocked. It would seem that it should accumulate in the blood plasma. But there its content is rapidly decreasing. Where does it go? – We think, – explains Petrenko. – that in a person who takes aspirin, ascorbate is spent on the formation of radicals. They seem to feed on this vitamin. – But what does aspirin have to do with it? – The salicylic acid released from it plays the role of a catalyst in the interaction of ascorbate with iron. She kind of explodes this explosive mixture. We drank aspirin with ascorbate for decades without thinking about what they turn into in our body. – But this is terrible. I myself have been in the hospital ten times with an exacerbation of rheumatism. And every time I was given aspirin with “ascorbic acid”. It turns out that on the recommendations of the doctors, I did something similar … self-immolation – for months I supported the sparkling process of radical formation ? It is not surprising that after a course of such “treatment” I had to recover my health for a whole year. And then it turned out that my stomach and duodenum were damaged … – I repeat: it is not by malicious intent that most doctors “heal” patients, but as a result of a misunderstanding of the basics of chemotherapy. They do not know the main thing how drugs act on the body. And, naturally, they cannot foresee all the negative consequences of this mysterious action. There are many patented agents known to reduce the toxicity of aspirin in the stomach and duodenum. Their authors reasoned “logically”: so that the salicylic acid released from the drug does not burn the mucous membranes, it must be neutralized with alkali. But the studies of the Petrenko group have shown: in an alkaline environment, radical formation is much more intense than in an acidic one. Therefore, aspirin with alkaline additives … can damage the stomach and duodenum more than normal aspirin. And there are many such misunderstandings. Blind science now and then falls into the pit and pulls blind simpletons with it, who have chosen her as their guide. However, we can fall into a hole without the help of science. For example, there were craftsmen who use aspirin … in pickling cucumbers. They strongly recommend this method to familiar ones: they say, medicinal cucumbers become stronger and more piquant , crunch on your teeth – you will lick your fingers. But no matter how you bite your elbows later. Studies by Petrenko’s groups have shown that when aspirin interacts with cucumbers and seasonings, radicals can appear. They “cross-link” proteins – this makes cucumbers stronger, like rubber. But our insides can become covered with sores that turn into cancerous tumors. Guys, don’t eat pickles from the market!

Is the dog smarter than a scientist?

Here’s to you: having frightened us with the terrible consequences of treatment with our favorite medicines and vitamins, scientists cannot offer any concrete way out of a very unpleasant situation. Moreover, further research by Petrenko may show that aspirin and ascorbate do not combine at all – if there is always enough iron in the body to form an “explosive mixture”. And without an ascorbate, a person will not live long – especially a sick person. Therefore, a harmless course of treatment with aspirin is fundamentally impossible. Given this perspective, it would be naive to hope that these studies will ever begin. But if such a miracle happens, then we are unlikely to know the results of these studies – discrediting “world leaders in the understanding of aspirin.” – Why then do you frighten readers? – psychotherapists will ask us. Indeed, earlier patients were treated with confidence in the benefits of aspirin. This ” placebo effect ” compensated for the side effects. And the loss of confidence can make them worse … That’s right. And I would not dare to talk about Petrenko’s research in the journal if I did not know a way out. Do not think that I am smarter than venerable scientists. He just made a logical assumption: if the owners of great knowledge do not see a way out of the crisis in medicine, then people who are not burdened with such a burden should indicate it. Or maybe not people. Consider what free-of-the-chain country dogs or city mongrels do when they become seriously ill. They refuse to eat and run to the forest or meadow, where they find a medicinal plant known only to them. And the disease was gone. Is the last dog smarter than man? Of course not. There are people who understand herbal medicine much better than dogs. True, there are very few such herbalists in our time, and not all patients can be treated with them. But, fortunately, there are much more effective healing methods available to everyone. – In principle, doctors have not invented anything new, – Petrenko confessed to me. “They use salicylic acid, which is found in many plants, for treatment. Many animals and some people are treated with it. In a conversation with me, Yuri Mikhailovich casually mentioned that salicylic acid is present in all wild-growing herbs from the numerous spirea family . But when I asked him to name at least a few species, he remembered only meadowsweet. But for us his recognition is very valuable. If salicylic acid is found in many herbs, then it is very likely that it often ends up in medicinal preparations. It turns out, making “healing” decoctions from them, we drink salicylic acid in its pure form – not “hidden” in aspirin. And thereby we harm our health. I am not suggesting that herbal medicine is impossible in principle. I have met people who have developed a sense of intuition not worse than dogs. They always know which plant will help them. But there are only a few of them.


Recently, all of us were surprised to find that the methods of treatment, canonized by the Orthodox Church, are much more scientific than those offered by official science. Take the posts. Contrary to popular belief, the main requirement of fasting is not dietary restrictions. First of all, an Orthodox person must fast spiritually — think, speak and do what is pleasing to God. It is more important not to eat your fellow man than certain types of food. This rule is expressed in the words of the Prayer of St. Ephrem the Syrian, who are often heard in the temple during Lent: “Yea, O Lord, the King, let me mature my progresheniya not osuzhdati my brother.” For thousands of years, Orthodoxy has been applying this rule in practice, and science has only recently grown to explain it. And very few scientists can give it. These include the head of the laboratory of microlepton technologies, academician of the Slavic International Academy Anatoly Fedorovich Okhatrin . His research has shown: thinking about a person, we establish an energy-informational connection with him. Ultra-light particles – microleptons – begin to flow to us through this channel . We kind of attract them with our thoughts. If we think about other people’s sins, then we get the heaviest microleptons from their owner . which destroy our health. And if we are talking about well-wishers, then the lightest particles that are beneficial to health flow into us. But we are often mistaken in ascribing non-existent sins or virtues to people. And then with our thoughts we create artificial energy-informational formations – some phantoms of spiritual qualities that we endow our friends with. We create literally out of thin air, because a huge number of both heavy and light microleptons soars around us . They don’t interact with us – until we excite them with appropriate thoughts. According to Okhatrin , we harm ourselves first of all when we think or speak badly about a person – regardless of how much our thoughts and words correspond to the real qualities of the person being condemned. And vice versa, if we talk good about a person, then, whatever he really is, such thoughts and words will greatly benefit us. But Jesus Christ said much better about this two thousand years ago: do not judge – and you will not be judged, by what measure you measure others, this will be measured to you . It is striking that the most advanced medical science has only recently begun to understand a little about the enormous benefits of fasting. Once upon a time Orthodox Christians ate only radish, cabbage and horseradish during Lent. And according to the propagandists of “separate nutrition”, these vegetables perfectly cleanse the body of harmful substances with their fiber and bitterness, but saturate it with all the necessary vitamins and microelements – in an ideal ratio. And our friend Yuri Petrenko authoritatively adds: these vegetables contain a lot of ascorbic acid. When a person eats only them for a long time, he does not risk inadvertently swallowing salicylic acid, which will negate all the benefits of ascorbate . As a result, it gives the maximum therapeutic effect – it sharply increases the general resistance to diseases, which serves as a guarantee of victory over any ailments. There are many more scientific proofs of the exceptional benefits of fasting and other Orthodox traditions. If desired, everyone can find this information in modern literature. But now the problem is not in theory, but in practice. If we apply even a small part of the knowledge that Christianity has accumulated and has been confirmed by science, then we will get an amazing healing effect that no medicine can give.

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