Reshaping the joint

Changing the shape of the joint is the kzhe important sign of his SHOCK Nia recommend the following changes to distinguish between the normal configuration of the joint: 1) bulk – even swelling of the joints due to inflammatory tissue edema and effusion in the joint capsule; the joint appears enlarged in volume with smooth contours; 2) defiguration – an uneven change in shape due to a process in the soft tissues of an exudative-proliferative nature (effusion in individual torsions of the articular sac, bursitis, tendinitis, compaction of the capsule, etc.); 3) deformation – an irregular shape of joint surfaces, subluxations, ankylosis, etc.). The first type of change is most characteristic of acute inflammation in the joint, the last two – prolonged and chronic.

Significant signs of joint damage are also an increase in local temperature, hyperemia and skin tension in the joint area. The presence of these symptoms is variable and its degree usually corresponds to the severity of the inflammation.

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