Pulmonary manifestations of RA

Pulmonary manifestations of RA. Various types of lung pleura lesions in RA have been described. It even suggests the term “roar of the matoid lung.” The most important are the following pro-phenomena of pulmonary pathology.

1. Pleurisy effusion and dry. The effusion in RA is characterized by a low content of glucose and complement fractions (Cz and Ci) with a high content of C 3 fraction in the serum of patients.

2. Pulmonary fibrosis. It is detected radiologically and. functional study of the lungs.

3. Acute and chronic pneumonia, as a manifestation of alveonitis and vasculitis.

4. Obstructive bronchitis.

5. Rheumatoid nodules in the lungs. Sometimes these nodules disintegrate to form cavities. Histologically, the nodules in the lungs are similar to the s / c rheumatoid nodules.

When merging rheumatic nodules or perifocal layers, radiological pulmonary nodes may resemble tuberculoma or a peripheral tumor.

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