Prevalence of cancer metastasis

It should be noted that the spread of cancer metastases of the lower lobe of the left lung through the bifurcation group of nodes to the right paratracheal and then to the right supraclavicular (bearing in mind the existence of anatomical connections between these sections of the lymphatic collectors of the lungs) was observed in the clinic in isolated cases. It should be recognized that the possibility of such a path of lymph movement and the transfer of metastases with it is likely, but it is realized in patients with lung cancer only in the terminal period of the disease. Then the movement of lymph along the tumor of the same name in the lung, left side of the mediastinum, as a rule, is completely disorganized due to the extensive metastasis of the regional lymph nodes located here. In a similar situation, such cross-metastasis occurs in cancer of the right lung.

The general rule remains the steady, over a fairly long period of time, the spread of lymphogenous metastases to the lymphatic collectors of the mediastinum of the same side as the lungs affected by the tumor.

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