Polyarthritic forms

Polyarthritic forms of Yuha, acute and subacute flow. Anti-inflammatory therapy is initially carried out according to the principles laid down for mono- and oligoarthritis (individual selection).

In exceptional cases, when it is impossible to remove the pain syndrome and the overall activity of the pathological process above, a short course of hormonal therapy is used numerically. When using glucocorticoids, the following points should be taken into account: treatment should begin with sufficiently high doses (1–3 mg / kg per day), but, if possible, a short course (up to 1.5–2 months). Preference is given to intermittent treatment regimens (a single dose of the entire daily dose, prescription of drugs every other day). In children who have been on hormone therapy for a long time, it is not necessary, always still in hospital, to strive for the complete abolition of corticosteroids.

With the ineffectiveness of the previous treatment for 2–3 months, high hormone dependence, the purpose of immunomodulating therapy (cytotoxic drugs, gold preparations, D-penicillamine) is shown according to the results of immunological examination. With repeated exacerbations, the issue of immunomodulatory therapy must be addressed during the first month of unsuccessful therapy by other means.

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