Polyarthritic forms with primary chronic course.

Polyarthritic forms with primary chronic course. By the nature of their flow, these forms are similar to adult RA. In the presence of pain and morning stiffness, NSAIDs may be prescribed, despite the lack of laboratory activity. Hormonal therapy is not indicated.

Immunomodulatory therapy can be considered the most adequate, in case of moderate pain syndrome, treatment with quinoline preparations is recommended, in more active cases – D-penicillamine, gold preparations. Confirmation of high immunological activity and clear progress

Dosing the disease (mainly according to radiological data) is the basis for the appointment of immunosuppressive therapy.

Articular-visceral form (including Still’s syndrome). Since these forms of UHA in children usually flow unfavorably, their therapy from the very beginning should be sufficient.

exactly active. These forms are conducted in the first days as polyarthritic variants with acute and acute course, starting with NSAIDs, including intravenous administration of sodium salicylate and vascular preparations. If it is impossible to remove activity for 1-2 weeks, hormone therapy is prescribed.

At the same time, an immunological examination is carried out, according to the results of which immunosuppressive therapy is selected, including the most active methods of immunosuppression – cyclophosan (4-5 mg / kg per day), pulse therapy. In most children, this therapy is the only effective one.

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