Pneumothorax — the presence of air in the pleural cavity, between ­ do lung and chest wall. Pneumothorax can be spon ­ without previous traumatic or other obvious causes, and traumatic ­ called direct or mediated chest injury. A subspecies of traumatic pneumothorax is iatrogenic pneumothorax, which occurs as an unintended or not ­ avoidable consequence of diagnostic or therapeutic implications ­ the chances. Spontaneous pneumothorax in turn ­divided into primary and secondary. Primary occur in previously healthy individuals, while secondary ones are a complication of an existing lung disease, most often of a chronic obstructive nature.


Probably the most complete data on the frequency of spontaneous ­ foot pneumothorax was obtained by examination of all residents of the Okrug- Olmsted , pcs. Minnesota. Between 1959 and 1978 , 77 cases of primary pneumothorax were recorded in this district, with a population of about 60,000 . For men, the figure was 7.4 / 100,000, and for women -1.2 / 100,000 per year. If this data is extrapolated to the entire US population (approx. ­ mately 200 million people), it can be assumed that the Numbers ­ new cases of primary spontaneous pneumothorax ­ Wit 8600 per year.

Etiological factors

Primary spontaneous pneumothorax occurs as a result of rupture of subpleural emphysematous bullae, usually ­ lodged in apical departments of a lung . Gobbel et al performed 31 operations for primary spontaneous pneumothorax, and in all patients subpleural bullae It should be noted that a careful study of X-rays ­ A snapshot of the chest allows you to notice the presence of such small subpleural bubbles . Their pathogenesis is not ­ clear, it is either congenital anomalies, or the result is inflamed ­ body process in the bronchioles or collateral ventilation disorders .

Patients with primary spontaneous pneumothorax are usually taller and with less body weight than controls. ­ Noah group. Withers et al . examined army recruits with pneumothorax and found that patients with pneumatic ­the motorax was 2 inches (5 cm) taller and had a body weight of 25 pounds (11.3 kg) less than the average drafti. By ­ how much is the intrapleural pressure gradient between the base ­ by the height and tip of the lung in high-growthindividuals , the alveoli of the apical regions of the lungs in such people experience, on average, greater distension. Through some ne ­ Over time, this can lead to the formation of subpleural vesicles in genetically predisposed high subjects . ­ ray. In the literature there are several reports of family services. ­ teas pneumothorax. In one of them are evidence that individuals with HLA-haplotype A2V40 have great wives podver ­ the development of pneumothorax .In several reports there is information that smokers are also more likely to develop primary spontaneous pneumothorax : 368 (92%) of 402 patients examined with primary spontaneous ­ Pneumothorax was smoked or smoked in the past.

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