Pathomorphology. Pathological changes in UXA and RA are similar and very close to the changes observed in other systemic connective tissue diseases. They can be characterized as follows:

a) generalized vascular disease;

b) systemic disruption of connective tissue;

c) a progressive course of the disease. Various stages can be observed in the connective tissue.

such processes as:

1. Mucoid swelling with accumulation of hydrophilic mucoplasms

lysaccharides, creating a picture of local edema.

2. Fibrinoid degeneration with collagen damage during

curl and focal fibrinoid necrosis.

3. Cellular reactions with the formation of infiltrates and rheumatic

common granulomas.

4. Sclerosis of damaged areas. Primary morphological damage to the joints in UXA and RA begins with the synovial membrane. Initially, vascularization increases in the synovial membrane, hyperemia and edema appear. Further accumulations of fibrin and cell infiltration develop with the formation of rheumatoid granules containing a large number of plasma cells, lymphocytes and neutrophils.

It may be noted that, the heavier the inflammation, the more pronounced is the exudation of fibrin deposited on the surface of the synovial villi, inside the tissues and in the joint cavity. One of the most important phenomena of the pathological process in the joints is the formation of pannus, which is a layer of connective tissue formed from a section of the synovial membrane, where the latter is connected to cartilage. From these sites, the pannus spreads to the cartilage, destroying it and replacing the destroyed places with scar tissue. Gradual use

Cartilage removal and replacement with granulation tissue leads to the development of fibrinous and later bone ankylosis. Changes in the joints are also largely associated with pathological changes in the periarticular tissues, joint capsules, etc.

Changes in the connective tissue of other organs and tissues are associated with the presence of systemic vasculitis.

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