Pleural effusion can occur with obstruction of the urinary tract . All registered cases by ­ similar effusions were observed in patients with retroperitoneal urinomas . Baron et al reported that at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis for 6years there were 5 cases of such effusions . In two cases, urinoma times ­ curled as a result of obstruction of the urinary tract, two patients .Other – after subcutaneous administration with a nephrostomy catheter and one patient – as a result of spontaneous perforating ­ Ureteral radio. In all patients after obstruction of the urinary tract, rapid accumulation of pleural fluid was observed. After elimination of obstruction, pleural effusion quickly resolved.

Simultaneous measurements ­ rhenium content of creatinine in the pleural fluid and serum demonstrated that its content in the pleural Jew ­ bones were higher than in serum only in patients with urinoma ­E. The mechanism of accumulation of pleural fluid is unknown, but it is believed that retroperitoneal movement of fluid into the pleural cavity or its transdiaphragmatic flow through the lymphatic vessels occurs .

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