Hematologic manifestations

Hematologic manifestations of RA. Anemia in RA is often observed and usually corresponds to the degree of activity of the pathological process. Most often, anemia is normal or hypochromic in nature. The origin of anemia is complex and ambiguous. Despite the hypochromic and, therefore, iron deficient nature, anemia is not associated with impaired iron absorption in the gastrointestinal tract. At the same time, iron parenterally injected into the blood of patients with RA is removed faster than normal.

The causes of anemia are several factors:

1) an increase in the destruction of red blood cells, reducing their life expectancy;

2) impaired hemoglobin synthesis; 3) violation of the formation of red blood cells in the bone marrow. In other words, anemia is associated with a toxic effect of immunity.

nopathological process on bone marrow function. About visceral lesions in RA most reliably

can be judged by sectional observations. Mortality among RA patients is higher than among the population in

whole The most frequent causes of death in RA patients are joining infectious diseases and kidney damage, whereas among the general population accidents and myocardial infarctions are on the first place (data O. Mutru, Finland, 1983). We give his table of the causes of the death of RA patients .

RA features, which began at the age of 50 years and older patients older than 50 years of RA usually begins with sets

lesions of the joints without prodromal period in the absence of the symptom of “morning stiffness”. The course of diseases is steadily progressive. Sometimes there is a hectic-type fever. The activity of the process is expressed to a significant extent. Disability is lost in 75% of cases. During the first year of the disease, visceral changes are usually absent. However, after 3-7 months. from the onset of the disease, bone destruction develops, radiologically marked. Patients are resistant to therapy (including corticosteroids and immunosuppressants).

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