Indications for stopping drainage in various situations are discussed in the relevant sections of this monograph. When pneumothorax aspiration is stopped, if there is a complete expansion of the lung and the termination of air flow. In the case of hemothorax, aspiration is terminated when the blood supply is stopped, and in case of empyema, pus.

Before removing the drainage this procedure should be explained to the patient. In addition, it is necessary to prepare sterile gauze soaked in vaseline oil and a tight dressing. Then, remove the bandage from the thoracostomy site and cut the sutures to strengthen the drainage. Gauze impregnated with vaseline oil should be placed on the patient’s skin around the drainage tube so that immediately after removing the drainage it can close the remaining hole. Next, the patient is asked to perform a Valsalva test to create a positive pressure in the pleural cavity and reduce the likelihood of air entering the pleural cavity and, quickly removing the drainage from the pleural cavity, close the opening with the prepared gauze. Finish the procedure by applying a tight dressing.

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