Evaluation of phagocyte function.

The study of the chemotactic motility of polymorphonuclears and peripheral blood mononuclear patients of YUHA patients has shown that it is rather difficult to establish the cause of abnormal chemotaxis due to its multifactorial nature, however, patients with reduced chemotaxis should be considered as threatened by bacterial infection, which often determines the tactics of early administration of antibacterial therapy preventive purpose.

The study of the ability of neutrophils to restore nitrosynium tetrazolium (NBT-test) and chemiluminescence makes it possible to evaluate the metabolic activity of these cells. The identification of patients with UHA with high production of active oxygen is an indication for the appointment of antioxidants.

Typing of histocompatibility antigens (HLA). A study of the relationship between the individual HLA specificities and YUA variants showed that in many cases, the onset variants, as well as: the evolution of the process, are genetically determined. Thus, for example, HLA — B27 is particularly often identified in boys with an Oligoarthric onset at the age of more than 10 years, who subsequently develop a picture of typical ankylosing spondylitis (Bechterew’s disease). In addition, the presence of HLA — B27 is often associated with chronic arthritis that occurs in patients with chronic colitis and psoriasis, forms that are also considered as YUHA variants. The possible significance of the determination of other histocompatibility antigens, in particular DR4 and 5, was already mentioned above.

In conclusion, it seemed rational to classify UXA as follows. The percentage of individual forms of UXA may be considered conditional, since it is determined on the basis of predominantly its own material and may vary in individual regions.

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