However, in the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, great importance is attached to the inflammatory syndrome (according to clinical and laboratory data) with an increase in temperature, persistently increased ESR, dysproteinemia, etc.). The lack of association of arthritis with streptococcal infection, the development of the disease in adulthood, more often in menopausal women, the subacute nature of initial events with resistance to salicylates, and an objective examination of early muscular atrophy in the area of ​​affected joints is also of diagnostic importance. in the future – the development of joint deformities.

Thus, the clinical symptomatology of RA does not have pathogonomic signs and the serological reaction (Vaaler-Rose) is not absolutely specific.

The Waaler-Rose reaction (determining the rheumatoid factor) has received a very controversial assessment in the literature, some authors generally doubt its practical value.

Indeed, with an erased course of the disease and in early stages, i.e., when the diagnosis of the disease is particularly difficult, the Vaaler-Rose reaction produces negative results more often than with severe progressive course of RA and with marked deformities of the joints. But, on the other hand, this negative quality also contains a positive property of this reaction, associated with a clear prognostic value. With a positive Vaaler-Rose reaction, we have reason to make an unfavorable diagnosis, predicting a progressive

course of the disease. Rheumatoid factor in the blood does not correlate with the level of Srb

and ESR, because it reflects not so much the severity of inflammation as the depth of the pathological process.

Rheumatoid factor – a little dynamic indicator, usually it rarely disappears from the blood, only in cases of low titer. According to our observations, we cannot deny the significance of this reaction in the relatively early diagnosis of RA. So, watch

In our patients with a disease duration of up to 1 year, the Waaler-Rose reaction gave positive results in almost 60% of cases and, often, even with a negative X-ray picture.

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