Arthritis of a specific etiology

Arthritis of a specific etiology often occurs under the mask of rheumatoid arthritis and leads to its overdiagnosis.

One of the reasons for the erroneous diagnosis of “specific” arthritis is the fact that patients with this pathology are usually the lot of “specialists” (phthisiatricians, venereologists, infectious disease specialists, etc.) and enter general therapeutic hospitals by chance, the power of misdiagnosis, so for therapists they are often “unexpected.”

On the other hand, when these patients mistakenly go to therapeutic hospitals, they also “slip away” from the field of view of specialists, therefore, the latter are often not well aware of the clinic of articular syndrome with the corresponding diseases.

To differentiate rheumatoid arthritis from infectious specific arthritis, it is of course necessary to know the clinic of each of these diseases. However, for a quick diagnostic orientation, it is necessary to memorize some of the specific features of arthritis of a specific etiology.

Perhaps, gonorrheal arthritis is most often presently in therapeutic practice. They are usually observed at a young age, start acutely with severe pain syndrome (patients are forced to use crutches), local inflammatory symptoms (often in the form of exudative monoarthritis of the knee joint) and are accompanied by

or follow urethritis and cystitis. Helps in the diagnosis of serological reaction Borde — Zhang.

However, its interpretation should be approached with caution due to possible non-specific results. Great value has a well-collected history.

In the diagnosis of brucellosis arthritis, epidemiological history is important (the patient’s profession is related to agriculture and staying in endemic foci).

The clinic of brucellosis arthritis is characterized by a combination of tendovaginitis, fibrositis, and myositis. Hip joints (sacroiliitis) are often affected. Diagnostic assistance is provided by the diagnostic laboratory (the reaction of Byrne, Hedelson and Wright).

To conclude this section, we provide a brief description of some joint diseases that were previously included in the rubric of rheumatoid arthritis, and are currently highlighted in specific syndromes and independent nosological forms subject to differentiation with rheumatoid arthritis.

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