Arthritis for diffuse connective tissue diseases

It should be borne in mind that chronic deforming polyarthritis in systemic lupus erythematosus develops in 20%, mainly in women. The most pronounced changes are observed in the joints of the bones. Externally, the brush resembles a “matoid roar”. However, X-ray examination shows no gross changes, unlike rheumatoid arthritis,.

In systemic lupus erythematosus, deformities of the hands are not observed due to destruction of the articular ends of the bones, but as a result of weakening and changes in the tendon-ligamentous apparatus, muscle atrophy, which coincides with vascular lesions of the hands (capillary syndrome, Raynaud’s syndrome).

In systemic scleroderma, damage to the joints occurs very often (95%) • In most cases, scleroderma polyarthritis, unlike rheumatoid, occurs with less pronounced pain, exudative and especially destructive syndromes, but with prevalence of fibrous changes in the joints and periarticular tissues often in combination with skin lesions characteristic of scleroderma and soft tissue calcification.

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