Arthralgia is a symptom that occurs quite often, both in pediatric and in therapeutic practice. The character of joint pains depends on a number of factors, which mainly include the inflammatory or dystrophic nature of the lesion, which structures of the joint are mainly involved in the pathological process and a number of others. So, for the inflammatory lesion of the joint is characterized by spontaneous pain, the most intense in the morning and in the second half of the night, i.e. after a period of rest. It decreases or even disappears after movement.

It is less pronounced in the evening. In the dystrophic nature of an injury, the pain is clearly associated with the load, so it is most intense in the evening hours; during movements or in the moment of transition to a state of rest. For such patients, meteorological dependence can be considered quite characteristic.

Depending on the prevalence of changes in the various elements of the joint, pain also differs. With the defeat of soft tissues (synovial membrane and fibrous capsule), morning and “starting” pains are characteristic. Pains when walking on uneven terrain, standing, climbing, and especially descending the stairs indicate a pronounced damage to the cartilage and the subchondral plate. The pain in osteonecrosis and osteoporosis of bones is static. With severe vascular disorders in the limb, the pain is usually dull, aggravated by sharp shocks (jumps, sneezing, coughing), which disappears when walking. The pain arising from the infringement of the “articular muscle”, the displacement of the meniscus – acute intense recurrent. In chronic focal and nfecii (tonsillitis, sinusitis,
 teeth, etc.) pain in the joint is intermittent, of different intensity, increases with the load on the joints, often intensifies against the background of an aggravation of the focus of infection and is eliminated after the rehabilitation of the focus. For neuropathy is characterized by burning migratory short-term arthralgia, the intensity of which is consistent with the degree of neuropathic manifestations.

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